• Parent’s Night Out – Revisited

    April 23, 2015   |   By: @ThatOutdoorGuy
    Skyscraper Walk

    Skyscraper Walk

    Now that the days are getting longer, and there is so much more to get done—for work or fun—it’s time to take advantage of the best way in town to get more out of your Wednesday and Thursday evenings! Parent’s Night Out at High Point Climbing And Fitness is sure to become one of those family activities that your children look forward to as much as you will. Let’s take a quick look and see why…

    Where else can you drop off your children—ages 4 to 13—for two and a half hours and be 100% certain that they’re having a great time? (No offense doting grandparents!) With a staff ratio of 6 children per highly trained staff, over 30,000 square feet of climbing surface area, and all the energy of springtime to tap into, you may not believe how enthused your children(ren) will be when you pick them up. A good night’s sleep is almost certain to be an added bonus!

    Let’s talk economics for a second, and use three children for this fun Math Word Problem:

    3 energetic children get the chance to play for 2½ hours at what Climbing Magazine calls, “the country’s coolest climbing gym”. They have over 30,000 square feet of climbing surface area to explore depending on their ability. Each child is provided all the gear they need to climb, and are supervised by a highly trained staff member at a 6 to 1 climber to staff ratio. The cost for all of this—for members*—is only $45 ($20 for the first child, $15 for the second, and $10 for each additional child).

    $45 divided by 3 = $15  $15 divided by 2½ hours = $6

    Where else can you find someone to actively engage your child(ren) these days for $6 an hour? NOWHERE!

    * Non-member pricing is: $30 for the 1st child, $25 for the 2nd, and $20 per each additional child.

    And now for the paperwork info:
    • ALL participants must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. (Waivers can be found here on the website.)
    • It is highly recommended that you schedule at least one week ahead of time to guarantee a spot.
    • A $10 deposit is required per child.

    And there you have, hands down, Chattanooga’s best Parent’s Night Out choice!
    Isn’t it time for a Date Night?