March 19, 2020   |   By: High Point Climbing

    Is my membership frozen?

Yes, all memberships are frozen as of Wednesday March 18th. The freeze will continue until we are able to re-open. You will not be charged for the freeze.

    I paid for March but you closed for two weeks. Will I get a credit?

    No one will lose any time on their membership. When we confirm the re-opening date, everyone will be notified. On that date, we’ll unfreeze the memberships and you’ll only be billed for the prorated dues remaining in that month. When billing runs for the next full month, you’ll see a credit for the two weeks we were closed at the end of March.

    I still have a prepaid membership. Will my end date be moved forward?

Yes. Anyone with time remaining on their prepaid will have their end date automatically moved forward when the memberships are unfrozen.

    Can I continue to pay for my membership even though the gym isn’t open to help out?

    Yes, despite the size of the gyms and number, we really are a small company. Those that have the means and willingness to contribute can continue to pay their membership dues. That money will be used to continue to pay our part time staff during the closure. We can’t thank you enough if you decide to do this. If you would like to opt-in to continuing your regular membership dues, please email your full name, date of birth, and home gym location to [email protected].

    What about Clubs and Teams?

Clubs and Teams have been suspended. When they restart will depend on how long we are closed. Once we have a firm re-open date, we will determine if we are going to push the entire season forward or if it will be an abbreviated season. Either way, we will give you time before they start back up to make plans accordingly.

    Are you still having summer camps?

    Yes, we are planning for the best so as of right now summer camps will run on schedule. However, this situation is obviously very fluid so like everything else we will let everyone know as soon as possible if that changes.

    I have a birthday party or group scheduled. What if the closure continues?

    If it looks like we will be unable to open on April 1st, we will be calling all groups and individuals with classes scheduled so we can get them re-scheduled for a later date.

    What about the member events that were scheduled?

    We already have a schedule of events for April so we will be holding those events. Some events that had to be cancelled because of the closure will be moved to future months and some will be squeezed into the upcoming month where we can.