High Point Climbing School’s club and team are coached by professional climbers with over 55 years experience between them — former open national champion Lisa Rands and husband Wills Young. Both are certified coaches with the national governing body of competition climbing (USA Climbing), and certified Single Pitch Instructors with the American Mountain Guides Association.

As coaches, we are here to impart a sense of fun and a sense of community to the youth who join our groups. At the same time we will provide the appropriate pointers and coaching according to the needs and skills of each individual. The teaching is personalized with attention given to all participants equally. Children and teens are naturally drawn to climb, and climbs provide something for every taste and temperament, from those requiring intense concentration and a steady hand, to others that demand aggression and dynamic movement.

FALL 2015, RIVERSIDE location: Our Climbing School will offer a Youth Climbing Club (ages 8 to 19) with coaching sessions on Mondays from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Please scroll down for more information.

TEAM: In addition to the club, those more serious about their training, and those looking to compete, may join the High Point Climbing Team. Please note, however, that the climbing team is based at the Downtown facility and meets at the Downtown facility most of the time. Please check out further details at the Downtown Clubs & Teams page.

LATE SIGN-UP..? YES… We run our coaching for team and clubs in blocks of up to ten weeks, followed by breaks, but we encourage you to sign up ANY time and pay on a pro-rated basis for the remaining sessions. Please call High Point’s Climbing School coordinator Wills Young directly at 760-920-5348 (cell) if you have questions.

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