Tiffany Flor

Yoga instructor, Tiffany Flor
Tiffany Flor is a fun-loving individual, keen on supporting the growth of her
students’ yoga practice both in and out of the studio. She first turned to yoga
as a way to find peace of mind and as a mother-daughter tradition. Soon,
Tiffany began to find a lovely balance between strength, flexibility, and the
calming nature of yoga.
While living overseas and traveling Asia in 2016, Tiffany decided to pursue
her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Nepal. She developed a love for
teaching Vinyasa (flow) yoga where she can express creativity in her
practice, have some fun, and focus on what her students need.
Vinyasa (flow) Yoga class:
This class is perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis who wish to
strengthen their bodies, improve flexibility, and find connection with their
breath. Each class is a unique, powerful, and non-judgmental experience
with both verbal cues and demonstrated asanas (poses) to assist in proper
alignment and form.


Zoe Avgeris

Yoga instructor, Zoe Avgeris

“In the beginning I️ started yoga to strengthen my ankles, and they are a lot
stronger. I️ just didn’t realize this was going to be my journey. I️ absolutely
fell in love with it in every aspect. I’ve got to say one of my favorite parts is
how yoga allows you to free the child that’s still inside you. It allows you to
be with an open mind. To smile when you make a mistake. And gives you
this curiosity that makes you want more. I’ll be teaching vinyasa (flow) but
would love feedback from the community on what you need most. When
showing up to your mat be prepared to smile a little and get outside of your
comfort zone.” -Zoe 

Taylor Goode

Yoga instructor, Taylor Goode

Taylor is a newbie yoga instructor and loves learning new styles and
techniques to bring into her practice. Climbing is another great love of hers,
and she loves how both challenge her body and mind. While she honestly
spends most of her time climbing and practicing yoga these days, Taylor
also enjoys her side hustle of teaching 5th grade at Snowden School in
midtown. Other than that she likes to get outside and chill out with her
doggo, Nashoba. He is the light of her life. 

Taylor was trained in Baptiste Style Yoga which is inspired by the Hatha
Yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya. It is a hot power yoga that focuses on
the physical poses along with meditation and self-inquiry, and can be
modified as needed so it is accessible to everyone, everywhere. The five
pillars of Baptiste Yoga are Breath (ujjayi pranayama), Heat (tapas), Flow
(vinyasa), Gaze (Drishti), and Core Stabilization (uddiyana bandha). The
sequence follows a progression of asanas intended to awaken, vitalize, and empower.

Melissa Meadows

Melissa Meadows
Yoga instructor, Melissa Meadows

After running for 15 years, I found yoga. I started it to save my knees and
stay in shape, but I stayed for the mental benefits and the yoga family I
found along the way. After stumbling into a power flow yoga class, I knew I
wanted to be a teacher. I went on to get my 200 hour yoga certification and
dove head first into teaching. I love teaching students how the body, mind,
and spirit are connected. It’s more about stretching your mind than
stretching your body, but the physical benefits are pretty remarkable, too!
Yoga is an essential part of my daily life and I still practice 5 to 6 days a
week. No matter how long you do yoga, there is still more work to be done…

Power Flow:
Power Flow is an athletic style of yoga with a faster pace and emphasis on
synchronized breathing with each movement. All levels of yogis welcome.

Gentle Flow:
Gentle Flow is a slower paced yoga practice concentrating on breath and
alignment, while finding meditation in the movement. All levels of yogis welcome.

Aaron Glazer

Aaron Glazer lives, works, and breathes music, yoga, and climbing. He
was born and raised in Memphis, and while he loves to travel and be in
nature, the Memphis vibe will always be a place to call home. When not
teaching yoga and drumming, just look up, and he is probably on the

Breath, Spine, and Core Foundations
This class will put an emphasis on how to
utilize different breathing techniques ranging from mental balance to
energizing the entire being. We will use movement to create increased
spinal flexibility while also tapping into deep core strength to learn
how to move more efficiently from the center of the body. Come
experience how these foundational aspects of ourselves directly
translate into stronger and more focused climbing, not to mention
overall quality of life!