Use the form below to make changes to your membership.

You can freeze, unfreeze, or cancel your membership. Please read the notes pertaining to each action and membership type before submitting a request.- All online requests must be received prior to the last day of the month. Requests received on or after the last day of the month will not be effective until the billing cycle after the upcoming month.
– This is a request and no changes are made to your membership until you receive a confirmation email.
– EFT memberships must be active for a minimum of three months before cancellation.
– Prepaid yearly memberships can be frozen but not cancelled. The membership will cancel automatically on the expiration date.Membership Freeze: Individuals can freeze their membership for $8 per month and families can freeze for $16.

Membership Unfreeze: When you unfreeze your membership, it will be effective as soon as you receive the confirmation email. Your dues will be prorated for the remainder of the month and added to your dues on the first of the month.

Cancel your EFT Membership: We don’t want to see you go but we understand that life can be hectic. Please remember that you can freeze you membership and avoid the startup fee when you come back.