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Belay Bracelets + Group

Belay Bracelets and Climbing Partner Group

Join our High Point HSV Climb + Belay Facebook group to find and connect with climbing partners.

To compliment this group, red belay bracelets will be available at the front desk starting this week. Wear a bracelet while you’re climbing at the gym if you’re looking for a climbing partner or don’t mind belaying for someone else. Please make sure your top rope or lead belay certification card is visible on your harness.

Happy climbing!

Meetup | Endurance Comp

July Endurance Comp

July 23 • 6:30pm

Come out and climb as much as you can for our first meetup in Huntsville! Awards accompanied by free pizza, brews, and Piper And Leaf Tea Co.
*You know the rules, 21+ with valid ID and absolutely NO CLIMBING after beer consumption*

Categories (all ages)
– Beginner: 5.6-5.8+
– Intermediate: 5.9-5.11
– Advanced: 5.11+-5.13+

– Competitors will climb in teams of 2 and be scored as a team
– You can only climb within your category, and teammates must compete in the same category
– Redpoint format, meaning you must complete a route from bottom to top with no falls or takes for the route to be counted, you can attempt the route multiple times
– Routes outside your category or unfinished routes will not be counted, and completed routes will only be counted once
– Auto belay, top rope, and lead routes (5ft bonus per completed lead climb) will all be counted, Kid Zone routes will not
– If you’re working on routes in the lower end of a category, you will compete in the previous category (Ex: if you’re projecting 5.11 you will compete in intermediate, if you’re projecting 5.12 you will compete in advanced)
– Scores determined by height achieved based on completed routes, route height will be labeled throughout the Rope Room
– Ties will be broken by number of attempts, then route difficulty

Score cards can be picked up at the front desk starting at 6pm, rules will begin promptly at 6:30 in the steep area of the Rope Room.

Free for members