High Point Downtown’s Yoga Instructors



Lyndsey Kytle


 I originally began practicing yoga as a compliment to my running and climbing. However, soon after I started practicing it became something more than a physical practice and my mat was a safe haven that I craved as an escape from the chaos of daily life. Yoga teaches me to face the triumphs and struggles of daily life head on and allows me to embrace the journey along the way. Practicing has taught me to live in the present moment and be true to myself. Yoga challenges me mentally, spiritually and physically in a way that is both authentic and loving. Outside of yoga you will probably catch me spending time rock climbing, loving on my two dogs, Millie and Lander or baking.

 My classes are very transitional based on the group of folks that come in each week. I like to listen to people in what their body tells them that they need. A lot of my style is vinyasa style yoga with isometric contractions and long holds of poses to build strength. In trying to keep the mood lighthearted, I like to play fun, recognizable music and you will probably hear me crack an occasional joke or two.

Kaylee Frano


Kaylee realized her passion for yoga when she began practicing in high school at 15 years old. What started as a basic gym requirement over eight years ago has blossomed into a life-long passion project. Yoga has helped her by practicing meditations and learning a different, slower lifestyle. In addition to countless hours of volunteer work at various studios and instructing weekly at a rock-climbing center in Massachusetts, Kaylee completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Barre and Soul in July of 2014 and 100-hr Barre Teacher Training in February 2015.

Drawn to the outdoor adventure community because of the wonderfully positive atmosphere and warm weather, Kaylee moved down to Chattanooga, TN in April 2015. She is excited to grow within herself, her practice, and the yoga community.

Kaylee hopes to empower others to feel strong and comfortable in their ability to push themselves both mentally and physically. She specializes in Vinyasa Flow and strives to create a relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter and smiles.


Lisa Phillips

I started practicing in 1999 as a way to balance my passions (raising a family, running, hiking, dancing, climbing, artistic endeavors). The more I learned about yoga, the more I realized there was endless learning potential with this practice. It never gets old, because there is always something else to discover, another layer to peel back, a deeper place to connect to. I enrolled in Asheville Yoga Center’s 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2008, and WOW! I learned that asana is awesome, but yoga can reach far deeper than just the physical layer. Meditation and pranayama changed my approach to life’s challenges for the better and I want to share that with anyone who is willing to learn. My class is a slow flow with attention to being present, breathing fully, aligning physical and mental intentions, and non-judgemental positive thinking. With the use of props to both support the body and help the body ease into more challenging postures, I have learned that yoga is for every body and every body can practice yoga.


Mitra Malek