• A World-Class Workout

    July 24, 2014   |   By: High Point Climbing

    A World-Class Workout

    As you read this, be aware that I’ve been a hard-core weight lifter for over 24 years. I’ve worked out in everything from cracker box muscle head gyms to plush 5-star resort fitness centers. So imagine my surprise at having a truly world-class workout here in my hometown, and at an indoor climbing center, at that! But that’s just what happened. Let me tell you how it unfolded…

    One of the big side draws for me as I first toured High Point Climbing and Fitness were their exercise options—a small, but very well-equipped weight room, and a nicely-appointed cardio center. When I learned that there were also free Yoga and Spin classes, I was psyched! 28,000sf of climbing surface area, and growing, AND excellent workout options…I couldn’t wait to join!

    And the day after joining, I headed down for my first workout at my new gym—please note that High Point Climbing and Fitness is now the “Official Climbing Center AND Gym of @ThatOutdoorGuy”. After scanning in, I headed straight for the locker room and was blown away at how classy it was, like something you’d find in a premier workout facility in New York City. Separate bathroom and shower areas, with the largest lockers I’ve ever seen outside of a professional sports locker room. The individual shower stalls are straight out of a custom shower design catalog. Towels are even provided, which is a dying amenity. Very classy. In fact, the entire locker room area is as nice as any I’ve ever used.

    After getting everything placed in a cavernous locker, I headed upstairs to get started. From the new Power Rack, to a great circuit of FreeMotion™ machines, to dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 lbs. It was a cinch to quickly modify my workout to what was available, and I spent the next hour enjoying a lighter workout, with higher reps and lower weights. I have decided to shed 30 lbs. of hard-gained muscle mass, so I could become a better climber…better outdoor adventurer, too.

    Next I stepped over to the cardio room and chose an amazing treadmill, from among several cardio choices. Forty-five minutes into my hour on the treadmill, a couple walked by carrying rolled-up exercise mats, which reminded me that there are Yoga classes here on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon. I hadn’t planned on lifting, cardio work, AND Yoga, but went for it anyway. 36 hours later, and I’m still sore!

    Christine was the Yoga instructor, and she took the three of us through an hour of pretty intense sets of poses, in the most amazing Yoga class I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve admittedly never practiced Yoga after an hour of lifting, or even a decent cardio workout, but the class she led was both grueling and empowering. I loved it, and can’t wait to set up a new workout routine revolving around those two noon classes.

    As it turned out, the sweet couple that worked hard alongside me was none other than the Get Out Chattanooga cover models of the July 2014 issue, Andy and Hannah, owners of Off Grid Juice. I’m sure no one has ever enjoyed sweating through a Yoga class as much as I did, and I’m already looking forward to the next tripleheader of a workout.

    So, if you haven’t checked out the workout possibilities at High Point Climbing and Fitness, what’s the hold-up!? World-class workouts AND world-class climbing at the same facility??? Get down here and see it all for yourself, and be sure to tell them that @ThatOutdoorGuy sent you!

    Guest post by @ThatOutdoorGuy