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    November 10, 2014   |   By: @ThatOutdoorGuy

    The Newest Member of the High Point Climbing and Fitness Family:

    Macke Fitness

    It didn’t surprise me at all when I learned that my friends at High Point Climbing and Fitness added a very unique new element to their already extensive offering of fitness options. I had a chance to sit down with Adam Macke (pronounced “Mackey”), who owns Macke Fitness along with his wife Bethany Macke, to learn all about what Macke Fitness brings to bear at the premier climbing and fitness facility in the South.

    With 13 years of Personal Training experience under his belt, Adam and Bethany opened Macke Fitness in 2008. In addition to the individualized personal training Macke Fitness provides, what sets them apart is access to the Muscle Activation Techniques, aka MAT. Adam has 8 years of MAT experience, and Bethany, is also trained in MAT.

    Adam explained that during his initial assessment, he identifies which muscles aren’t contributing to joint stability and motion, “by checking every muscle in the body”. It is through this very thorough assessment that a determination is made concerning how to address each individual’s specific needs. He mentioned that indicators of the need for MAT include: muscle tightness, joint pain, and limited range of motion.

    Following the assessment, a process is put together that includes manual isometrics and corrective exercise, under the guidance of Macke Fitness Trainers. Specific benefits to climbers—but not limited to them alone—are: increased performance, injury prevention, and increased range of motion, enabling stronger, more efficient climbing.

    Macke Fitness Trainers include Adam and Bethany Macke, Sofia Bunger, Al Smith, and Ellen Slikker. During my own workouts at High Point, I have seen Adam and the other trainers, and was impressed with their professional demeanor and positive leadership, which is very much in keeping with the entire staff of High Point Climbing and Fitness.

    If you’ve ever considered adding personal training to your fitness regimen, and/or you find that your activity and energy levels are limited through muscle tightness, joint pain, and limited range of motion, do yourself a favor and give Adam a call today, at 423-298-7646. You’ll be glad you did, as you reach toward a more active lifestyle.

    (Check out for more information on the Muscle Activation Techniques.)

    Meet the trainers below!


    Adam Macke


    Bethany Macke


    Ellen Slikker


    Al Smith


    Sofia Bunger