• “Come Climb With @ThatOutdoorGuy” – An Exciting New Event at High Point Climbing

    September 29, 2014   |   By: @ThatOutdoorGuy

    What do you get when you combine the South’s premier indoor climbing center, an iconic outdoor adventurer, a world-renowned adventure gear company, and five of the coolest Chattanooga-based, adventure-related companies ever? One of the most exciting new events in recent years, that’s what!

    #ComeClimbWithThatOutdoorGuy is the kind of collaborative effort that not only strengthens the camaraderie of those involved, but also serves as a springboard for special activities and events that introduce people to fun new things they may never have tried before.

    My friends, and partners, at High Point Climbing and Fitness were on board from Day 1 to hosting my idea, and have provided great encouragement, support, and ideas throughout the process. Every other local company involved—and Teton Sports, headquartered in Salt Lake City, and longtime friend, and partner of mine—jumped on board with equal enthusiasm, and the planning began with a jolt of energy.

    Beginning in October, and running through February 2015, the “Come Climb With @ThatOutdoorGuy” events will feature the 31,000 square feet of climbing/bouldering surface area at High Point, but will also include loads of door prizes, a major raffle prize package—with the raffle proceeds benefitting our friends at the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition—and so many exciting contests that listing them will take up too much space. Door prize tickets will be given to everyone who climbs during the events, and raffle tickets will be available each night through the SCC.

    Let me introduce you to those involved, and encourage you to check out what they offer, in way of adventure gear, apparel, training, and accommodations, and I will do so in the order of the night they will host.

    I am proud to announce that my own company, Outdoor Adventure Training (The O.A.T), will team up with the awesome folks at Teton Sports, and kick off the series on Saturday, October 18, between 5 and 8 at High Point. This pairing makes perfect sense, since our partnership goes back almost to the beginning of The O.A.T., and our mutual focus has been to work together to help people become more active, outdoors AND indoors. Teton Sports is the “Official Adventure Gear Supplier of The O.A.T.”, and recently paid me a very high honor by selecting me as a member of their inaugural Mountain Adventurers team.

    My friends and partners at Granola Products will be hosting the next event, on Saturday, November 8th, piggybacking on the buzz of the Triple Crown of Bouldering events held here in Chattanooga in late October. The Scott Brothers, or Granola Brothers as I refer to them, are a tandem force of creative energy, who you’ll want to meet. Their products are all made here locally in their new micro-manufacturing facility. Granola is the “Official Chalk Bag Provider of @ThatOutdoorGuy”.

    Next come my friends at the High Point Climbing School, who have recently been teaching me the finer details of climbing. Wills Young and Lisa Rands are the owners of High Point Climbing School, and are among the finest, most experienced climbing instructors, trainers, and coaches of all things climbing in the Southeast, and we are so excited to have them sponsor a special night. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 20th, and come out to meet them in person. If you’ve always wanted to learn to climb, you’ll want to purchase several raffle tickets to improve your chances of winning the raffle package of coaching sessions Wills and Lisa will be giving away.

    If you’ve been in a Rock/Creek store lately, you’ve probably seen the great collection of #madeforadventure shirts from our next monthly sponsor, my friends and partners at Luwazo. Headed up by another team of brothers, Luwazo shirts are also produced here locally, which brings more and more value to the Chattanooga area outdoor adventure scene. Their special night is Saturday, January 24, 2015, which should be a perfect time for many of you to adventure indoors. Luwazo is the “Official Adventure Shirt Company of @ThatOutdoorGuy”. I guarantee you that I’d love to win the raffle package they’re giving away!

    And, last, but certainly NOT least, are my newest friends, the outstanding staff and at The Crash Pad. Located on the ever-changing, constantly-improving Southside of Chattanooga, The Crash Pad is among the most unique, most affordable, cleanest, coolest hostels to be found anywhere on any continent, and is currently the only LEED Platinum certified hostel in the world. Their special night is Saturday, February 7th.

    And there you have it, the first series of what we expect to be many, many through the years ahead. If you’d like to become a sponsor, or want more information about this exciting series, feel free to contact me at [email protected], or 423-987-9628.

    Teton Sports and The O.A.T. – Sat. Oct. 18th

    Granola – Sat. November 8th

    High Point Climbing School – Sat. Dec. 20th

    Luwazo – Sat. January 24th, 2015

    The Crash Pad – Sat. February 7th