Whether you are new to the sport and looking for pointers, or a longtime climber wanting to hone your talents, you have come to the right place!

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Here at High Point Climbing And Fitness in downtown Chattanooga, We offer indoor coaching and classes, outdoor guiding and instruction to every ability level from beginner to advanced, novice to expert.

We are here to share our knowledge of climbing with our clients, to share our passion for the adventure and the community that this pastime has given us. And most of all we are here to pass on the skills and the endless subtleties of the sport in a fun and encouraging way. We have youth clubs, a climbing team, and classes covering every subject. We also cater to motivated individuals and dedicated competitors (youth and adult) with intensive one-on-one coaching.

For questions about classes, outdoor guiding, or to set up a personal coaching session, call (423) 602-7625.


If you’re wondering what all the buzz is about and why so many people are getting hooked on climbing, we have the answers! Join our Explore Climbing class and have the esoteric world of climbing explained! Understand the basic styles of climbing, and get a foundation in movement skills.

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Along with the Explore Climbing class, we are running introductory classes to teach climbing skills in more detail. Package the Movement Skills class with the Explore Climbing class for a great combo. After you’ve gained some experience, you can also learn lead climbing in the Lead Climbing class.

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Children are natural born climbers and climbing is a fantastic way for kids of all ages to get fit, to stay fit, and to get on a path to a healthy lifestyle. Climbing opens up a world of athletics, adventure, and friendship! Sometimes even the least sports-minded kids will find themselves rising to this unique challenge and hitting heights they never knew they had in them. Every son and daughter should give it a go!

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Whether you are a total beginner wanting to improve, or an experienced climber seeking advanced knowledge, there is no better way to learn than through customized personal coaching. Whether you want to climb a specific boulder problem, a particular route, or just want individual attention to soak up as much information as you can, this is for you.

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In our intermediate and advanced classes, we’ll cover some universal skills and techniques, and also focus in on specific areas for improvement, through clinics covering a variety of topics.

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Our climbing guide service is fully insured and operates to the highest possible standards with all necessary permitting. We offer outdoor guiding, both personal and for groups, to local climbing destinations. If you’re looking for other specialty services, give us a call.

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High Point guide services are provided by AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructors.