A large goal for both our clubs and team, is to impart a sense of fun and community to the young climbers who join our programs. At the same time we strive to provide the appropriate coaching and training techniques to fit the needs and skills of each individual. The teaching is personalized with attention given to all participants equally. Climbing is a naturally social sport that offers something for each athlete. The emphasis on a supportive community and healthy communication serves to build a positive environment for our club and team members to be a part of!

Program Benefits

- Self motivation and team encouragement.

- Increased desire to excel and developed willpower.

- Climbing is an activity in which effort invested yields tangible rewards.

- Climbing teaches us to know our limits and expand them.

- Clear communication skills with climbing partners.

- Engaging with nature through a unique activity.

- Physical improvement is clear in better balance, flexibility and strength.

- Improved mental abilities including visualization, memorization and coordination.

- Promotes the formation of character and integration into a community of fellow climbers.

- Develops values such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and inclusiveness.

CLIMBING CLUB  (5-18 years old)

Where future climbers are forged.

The objective of the Club Program is to help climbers develop a love for the sport while teaching the basic skills necessary to become a well-rounded climber. These skills include movement, technique, strategy and strength.

The club program is the perfect form of recreation for climbers of all skill levels.

The mission of this program is to encourage learning about the sport of rock climbing through recreational and competitive climbing. Participating in the club program also offers the possibility of joining the competitive team.

The Homeschool Club Program also counts as a physical education credit.

CLIMBING TEAM (5-25 years old)

Mastering the sport of climbing.

This is our team for experienced climbers competing in regional, divisional, national and international competitions. The mission of the climbing team is to coach climbers to mastery and excellence in their sport. Through systematic and scientific training, selected athletes will gradually increase their physical performance and overall health.

All climbers will receive tailored coaching based on their age, gender and competition level. The goal of coaching will be to achieve optimal physical fitness, balance, movement, technique and strategic thinking.

This is our highest level competitive team for experienced climbers. To qualify team members must have at least one year of competitive climbing experience or receive an invitation from the head coach.

For more info, contact one of our awesome coaches or call the gym.

Head Coach : Pablo Hilewski – [email protected]

High Point’s club and team is lead by USA Climbing Coach and International Federation of Sport Climbing board member, Pablo Hilewski!

His extensive experience and background has carried him around the globe, competing and coaching at the highest levels. Now Pablo’s passion for rock climbing and instructing young climbers has brought him to Chattanooga to help grow the success and experience of the High Point Clubs and Team!

Assistant Coach : Erin Flettrich – [email protected]

Climbing Team Schedule