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Summer Camp – High Point Style

Chattanooga has a long history of beloved summer camps, but there’s a new experience that I believe raises the bar to a higher level: Summer Camp – High Point Style!

With over 30,000 square feet of surface climbing area, a highly-trained staff, and an energy found nowhere else in the tri-state area, the half-day sessions of summer camp at High Point Climbing and Fitness promise your child(ren) the kind of camp experience that they will look back on through the years and think, “Do you remember when…”

Summer Camp

Climbing campers are divided into age-friendly groups. The Rock Hoppers are made up of ages 5 through 9, and the Cliff Crushers are ages 10 through 14.

There are two sessions daily, Monday through Friday, with the morning sessions kicking off bright and early at 8 a.m., and running through noon; the afternoon sessions are from 1 to 5 p.m. Each session consists of non-stop games, instruction, and course climbing. ALL the necessary climbing gear is provided with paid registration, along with a healthy snack and drink, and a High Point camp t-shirt and other goodies!

As if that weren’t enough fun, there is a weekly “field trip” within walking range! The Rock Hoppers will walk over to the Children’s Discovery Museum, while the Cliff Crushers will head over to the Tennessee Aquarium.

Camp sessions begin on Monday, June 1st and run through the week of August 3rd. Spaces are limited to 15 campers per session. Several spots are already booked, so check availability and pricing at and reserve a place for your child(ren) ASAP!

Summer Camp Fun

Let me close with this thought, as I recall both my own summer camp experiences and those from my time as a Summer Camp Director here in the Chattanooga area: Weather! You know exactly what I mean, given the nature of the weather conditions we experience here during the summer months. Hot. Humid. Stormy. In other words, not always enjoyable for young campers who have to be outside for several hours a day. Few of us think back with delight at the long, hot, sweaty hours that most summer camp settings include. Don’t mistake the 30,000+ square feet of surface climbing area as a resort, but rather a comfortable setting where friends—and memories—are made, climbing skills are introduced and developed, boundaries are pushed, confidence is built, and weather doesn’t get in the way.

For more information, feel free to log onto or give them a call today at 423-602-ROCK (7625).


Parent’s Night Out – Revisited

Skyscraper Walk

Skyscraper Walk

Now that the days are getting longer, and there is so much more to get done—for work or fun—it’s time to take advantage of the best way in town to get more out of your Wednesday and Thursday evenings! Parent’s Night Out at High Point Climbing And Fitness is sure to become one of those family activities that your children look forward to as much as you will. Let’s take a quick look and see why…

Where else can you drop off your children—ages 4 to 13—for two and a half hours and be 100% certain that they’re having a great time? (No offense doting grandparents!) With a staff ratio of 6 children per highly trained staff, over 30,000 square feet of climbing surface area, and all the energy of springtime to tap into, you may not believe how enthused your children(ren) will be when you pick them up. A good night’s sleep is almost certain to be an added bonus!

Let’s talk economics for a second, and use three children for this fun Math Word Problem:

3 energetic children get the chance to play for 2½ hours at what Climbing Magazine calls, “the country’s coolest climbing gym”. They have over 30,000 square feet of climbing surface area to explore depending on their ability. Each child is provided all the gear they need to climb, and are supervised by a highly trained staff member at a 6 to 1 climber to staff ratio. The cost for all of this—for members*—is only $45 ($20 for the first child, $15 for the second, and $10 for each additional child).

$45 divided by 3 = $15  $15 divided by 2½ hours = $6

Where else can you find someone to actively engage your child(ren) these days for $6 an hour? NOWHERE!

* Non-member pricing is: $30 for the 1st child, $25 for the 2nd, and $20 per each additional child.

And now for the paperwork info:
• ALL participants must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. (Waivers can be found here on the website.)
• It is highly recommended that you schedule at least one week ahead of time to guarantee a spot.
• A $10 deposit is required per child.

And there you have, hands down, Chattanooga’s best Parent’s Night Out choice!
Isn’t it time for a Date Night?

Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp: High Point Climbing

From the moment I mentioned that High Point Climbing and Fitness was having a Spring Break Climbing Camp, my son was adamant about going. We were both almost-new to indoor climbing when I joined forces with High Point toward the end of Summer 2014, but the months since then have seen us quickly grow to love this fun, challenging sport. My son, who is 8 years old, began slowly, but quickly overcame his fears and is blossoming into a very good beginning climber. I have visions of him out-climbing me by the time he enters middle school, so it was a very easy decision to sign him up for his first-ever “climbing camp”.

The most exciting thing about this camp, for both of us, is his chance to learn from experienced, trained climbers. The chance for him to step away from my limited knowledge and be taught by the experts at High Point is something we’re both looking forward to.

I had no hesitation with the idea of him being a part of the class, based on watching the staff interact with others during all our previous visits. As “regulars”, we are accustomed to being treated like family. The fact that High Point regularly holds Parent’s Night Out opportunities further amplifies their commitment to children and families, the same way opening the Kid Zone did.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the two-day, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. session is only $70 per child. That’s less than a babysitter would charge, not even taking into account the following activities each session involves. Each camper will receive an introduction to the gym, to climbing, and to the equipment used when they climb. They’ll also learn knot tying for climbers, climbing techniques—the part I’m most excited about for my son—and also bouldering. There will be team-building activities, games, and supervised open climbing. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Given the busyness of schedules these days, the fact that there’s no requirement for parents to remain on-site is a plus, as well. I selected a Monday-Tuesday session for my son, in order for me to get in my Monday morning workout there at High Point, upstairs in their state-of-the-art fitness area, and to be able to get in some climbing of my own and still attend Yoga class, also at High Point, on Tuesday at noon. Parents are more than welcome to hang around, but can also return in time to pick up their children by 1:00 p.m.

Why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity, and see all that is available at High Point Climbing and Fitness? Upon closer inspection, a family membership at Chattanooga’s premier climbing facility will seem like the perfect investment in your child(ren) and your family!

Top 10 Reasons To Become A Member At High Point Climbing And Fitness

Become A Member

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend who has been a member of just about every fitness facility in the greater Chattanooga area, over the past ten years or so. He interrupted my explanation about why I love getting outdoors in the winter with the following question; “Why should I join High Point Climbing and Fitness?” Rather than make you, the reader, endure the 30-minute question-and-answer session that followed, I thought I’d create one of the always-popular “Top 10 Reasons…”, so here it goes!


1. Where else in the Chattanooga area can you work out, practice Yoga, get in your indoor cardio, attend a Spin Class, climb and boulder, all under one roof, and are all included in your membership? Nowhere! If you are an old school weightlifter like me, you’ll find everything you need—except a hack squat machine; however, the FreeMotion cable-assisted equipment offers more variety than I’ve ever known in workout equipment, for those of you who want to exercise differently than me. If you have, or have always wanted to develop a Yoga practice, there are now nine Yoga classes scattered throughout the week. If you enjoy running on a treadmill, or an elliptical machine, or using a spin bike when there’s not a class in session, the cardio equipment at High Point is the best in town. While I don’t take part in Spin Classes, I’ve seen them under way while I’m there lifting, and they certainly are putting in some miles, while smiling and laughing together. Last, but certainly not least, the 30,000 square feet climbing surface area is a constantly-changing workout challenge all on its own.

2. #ClimbOn If you’ve never tried indoor climbing, you can’t believe what you’re missing out on! I’m listing climbing/bouldering separately, because I believe that most of the friends I’ve made since becoming a part of High Point Climbing and Fitness climb for the fun of it, not for a workout, like I do. That probably explains why they climb so much better than me…ha ha ha. The aforementioned 30,000 square feet of surface climbing area is the third largest in the South, and is the largest downtown climbing center in the nation. Almost every route in the center—climbing and bouldering—is changed every 6-8 weeks, to provide an endless array of challenges. (Talented climbers are famous for memorizing routes, so the huge effort the staff makes to prevent that adds much to the climbing atmosphere.)

3. I had the opportunity to watch the build-out of the most amazing new addition to High Point—and all of downtown Chattanooga’s attractions, if you ask me—the Kid Zone. I doubt anyone was more excited than me to check in on the progress of this new area. From design drawings to grand opening, it was a wonder watching it unfolding. My young son was invited to be a part of trying out the colorful, fun-loving new routes, both climbing and bouldering, as well as the other mind-boggling features inside the large area, and he had a blast, and will always remember being the very first person to top out on the routes he chose.

4. Variety! Admit it, even if you love exercising, or being a part of something adventurous in an indoor setting, it gets stale. Most gyms try to minimize this by rearranging the equipment, or painting a room. I’ve known facilities that even advertised “New Shower Soap!” I don’t need to reiterate the multitude of points I’ve already made, I’m just pointing out what may not seem so obvious: You can accomplish something different if you came several times a week, and not repeat your routine. (The one constant that you will quickly recognize, and grow to appreciate, is the upscale locker room set-up. In all the places I’ve ever used a locker room, I’ve never known any facility to have upgraded, custom showers, huge lockers, custom tile floors/walls/countertops. Luxury that is just another part of your membership.)

5. There are almost as many membership options as there are workout and climbing options, with choices ranging from a 7-day Punch Pass to Annual Memberships. Members also receive discounts on classes, free clinics, 15% off purchases, 10% off parties, discounted parking options, free towel service, and one Guest Pass per month to bring a friend who has never climbed at High Point.

6. Even though you don’t have to be a member to hold a special event at High Point, being active at the facility will allow you to see the incredible variety of events held there. Birthday Parties, Church Groups, Corporate Events, Lock-ins, Wedding Parties…yes, Wedding Parties, Scout Troop Events, School Events, and Active Family Get-Togethers.

7. Need a Personal Trainer? What about a workout geared to improve your climbing skills? MAT Training? All three of these are available at High Point, and can be scheduled to fit your busy life. I know the trainers, and I know the climbing staff, and can highly recommend all of them to help you whatever your goals and aspirations. Call or stop by for more information.

8. High Point Climbing School! No other facility can match the training, accolades, and commitment to growing the sport of climbing like High Point can. With Wills Young and Lisa Rands at the helm of the Climbing School, you not only have a multiple World Champion boulderer, but you also have the coach behind the legend! Lisa has more world championships than I have space to mention here, and Wills is a legend in his own right in the bouldering world. Together, they teach, train, and lead the widest variety of climbing-related activities found anywhere. Call to set up a time to meet with them and explore the many options available to you and your family.

9. Make new friends! It is inevitable at a facility like High Point Climbing and Fitness, that you will meet lots of new people. Amongst all the new faces, you will begin to notice the regulars who are working out/practicing Yoga/Spinning/climbing/socializing at the same time you are. Friendships will be forged. Beyond that given, you will get to know the amazing staff members who go out of their way to provide you the best customer service/best climbing atmosphere/cleanest facilities anywhere!

10. Location. Location. Location! If you’re a regular to all the family-friendly events that take place year-round in Downtown Chattanooga, or would love to make them a part of your life, you’ll quickly learn that High Point Climbing and Fitness is an active part of these goings-on as any other downtown business. From local, regional, and national indoor climbing events, to Pint Nights, celebrating a wide variety of worthy causes, think of your membership as a Front Row Seat to all that’s happening in the Scenic Center of the South! (If you’re wise, and take advantage of the discounted parking options, including a $20 per month pass to the Parking Garage on The Block, you needn’t worry about where to park for all the aforementioned fun events!)


As you can see, the possibilities are endless, the reasons many, and the opportunities await you! Take my word for it, since High Point Climbing and Fitness is both “The Official Climbing Center of @ThatOutdoorGuy”, AND “The Official Gym of @ThatOutdoorGuy”!

My Yogi: Christine Yeagley

Christine_@thatoutdoorguyOver the last few years, my fifty-plus year-old body has been protesting a few of the athletic pursuits that I’ve undertaken for much of my life. Most often it whispers to me to slow down, don’t go as far, or lift so much. While those whispers are easily ignored, the handwriting on the wall is just as clearly seen. That obvious message is a simple one: Do. Something. Differently.

The oft-quoted cliché, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” played over and over in my mind, as I pondered something different. Enter High Point Climbing and Fitness located in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

While taking up a new adventure sport like climbing might not have been what my body had in mind, partnering with High Point has opened up a brave new world for me, one outside both my comfort zone and ability. Included in the amenities at this state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility is an entire fitness center, with both Spinning and Yoga classes scheduled at various times throughout the week. This blog revolves around Christine Yeagley—one of the Yoga instructors at High Point. My Yogi.

I first met Christine in July of this year, and immediately knew that she, too, was to be a part of the something different my body had in mind…the most important part, actually. Christine began her serious yoga practice ten years ago, in 2004. The journey that growing her practice has led her on revolves around helping others learn about themselves, while also learning about herself. She is happily married to a U.S. military serviceman, and they are the proud parents of a handsome 3 year-old son.

When I sat down with Christine to discuss this blog, she shared something I found most intriguing, as well as the probable underlying reason our paths crossed, and I quote, “Yoga brought me to nursing, or I would never have considered it as a career.” Underlying reason? Yep. Let me explain, by sharing the main elements of Christine’s Yoga instruction.
• Anatomy and Biomechanics
• Balance
• Modification within one’s own practice
• Trauma sensitivity/mindfulness
• Authenticity in honoring one’s unique physical abilities

Christine’s emphasis on the healing aspects of Yoga are exactly what my oft-injured body needed, and will most likely need for the rest of my life. Beyond that, her purpose for teaching Yoga is to make her students more flexible human beings, in body and mind.

One of her main focuses in teaching Yoga is to provide a cross-training element that benefits a variety of sports and leisure activities such as running, weightlifting, and other competitive sports—individual and team—but especially climbing, as she explains:
“Climbing and Yoga are complementary, in that they are both moving meditation.”

The benefits of developing my Yoga practice under Christine’s caring, watchful eye have meant enough to me to schedule private instruction time with her, in addition to the free weekly group classes that High Point provides. She thinks that both choices—group and private—are good for beginners, as well as those returning to Yoga, or even wanting to take their practice to the next level. Christine expressed that group classes help provide a basis for developing one’s own practice, while private instruction takes the Yoga student to a higher level through individualized, personal teaching.

As I mentioned, Group Yoga Classes are free with your membership, as well as a day pass if classes are scheduled during your visit. Individual Classes with Christine are $75 per hour, or $65 per hour when 3 or more are purchased in advance. Private Group Classes are also available for up to 20 participants, at $100 per hour.

For more information, or to see the Yoga Studio, stop by High Point Climbing and Fitness, at 219 Broad Street, directly across the street from Big River Grille, or call them with any questions are 423-602-7625.


Macke Fitness

The Newest Member of the High Point Climbing and Fitness Family:

Macke Fitness

It didn’t surprise me at all when I learned that my friends at High Point Climbing and Fitness added a very unique new element to their already extensive offering of fitness options. I had a chance to sit down with Adam Macke (pronounced “Mackey”), who owns Macke Fitness along with his wife Bethany Macke, to learn all about what Macke Fitness brings to bear at the premier climbing and fitness facility in the South.

With 13 years of Personal Training experience under his belt, Adam and Bethany opened Macke Fitness in 2008. In addition to the individualized personal training Macke Fitness provides, what sets them apart is access to the Muscle Activation Techniques, aka MAT. Adam has 8 years of MAT experience, and Bethany, is also trained in MAT.

Adam explained that during his initial assessment, he identifies which muscles aren’t contributing to joint stability and motion, “by checking every muscle in the body”. It is through this very thorough assessment that a determination is made concerning how to address each individual’s specific needs. He mentioned that indicators of the need for MAT include: muscle tightness, joint pain, and limited range of motion.

Following the assessment, a process is put together that includes manual isometrics and corrective exercise, under the guidance of Macke Fitness Trainers. Specific benefits to climbers—but not limited to them alone—are: increased performance, injury prevention, and increased range of motion, enabling stronger, more efficient climbing.

Macke Fitness Trainers include Adam and Bethany Macke, Sofia Bunger, Al Smith, and Ellen Slikker. During my own workouts at High Point, I have seen Adam and the other trainers, and was impressed with their professional demeanor and positive leadership, which is very much in keeping with the entire staff of High Point Climbing and Fitness.

If you’ve ever considered adding personal training to your fitness regimen, and/or you find that your activity and energy levels are limited through muscle tightness, joint pain, and limited range of motion, do yourself a favor and give Adam a call today, at 423-298-7646. You’ll be glad you did, as you reach toward a more active lifestyle.

(Check out for more information on the Muscle Activation Techniques.)

Meet the trainers below!


Adam Macke


Bethany Macke


Ellen Slikker


Al Smith


Sofia Bunger

“Come Climb With @ThatOutdoorGuy” – An Exciting New Event at High Point Climbing

What do you get when you combine the South’s premier indoor climbing center, an iconic outdoor adventurer, a world-renowned adventure gear company, and five of the coolest Chattanooga-based, adventure-related companies ever? One of the most exciting new events in recent years, that’s what!

#ComeClimbWithThatOutdoorGuy is the kind of collaborative effort that not only strengthens the camaraderie of those involved, but also serves as a springboard for special activities and events that introduce people to fun new things they may never have tried before.

My friends, and partners, at High Point Climbing and Fitness were on board from Day 1 to hosting my idea, and have provided great encouragement, support, and ideas throughout the process. Every other local company involved—and Teton Sports, headquartered in Salt Lake City, and longtime friend, and partner of mine—jumped on board with equal enthusiasm, and the planning began with a jolt of energy.

Beginning in October, and running through February 2015, the “Come Climb With @ThatOutdoorGuy” events will feature the 31,000 square feet of climbing/bouldering surface area at High Point, but will also include loads of door prizes, a major raffle prize package—with the raffle proceeds benefitting our friends at the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition—and so many exciting contests that listing them will take up too much space. Door prize tickets will be given to everyone who climbs during the events, and raffle tickets will be available each night through the SCC.

Let me introduce you to those involved, and encourage you to check out what they offer, in way of adventure gear, apparel, training, and accommodations, and I will do so in the order of the night they will host.

I am proud to announce that my own company, Outdoor Adventure Training (The O.A.T), will team up with the awesome folks at Teton Sports, and kick off the series on Saturday, October 18, between 5 and 8 at High Point. This pairing makes perfect sense, since our partnership goes back almost to the beginning of The O.A.T., and our mutual focus has been to work together to help people become more active, outdoors AND indoors. Teton Sports is the “Official Adventure Gear Supplier of The O.A.T.”, and recently paid me a very high honor by selecting me as a member of their inaugural Mountain Adventurers team.

My friends and partners at Granola Products will be hosting the next event, on Saturday, November 8th, piggybacking on the buzz of the Triple Crown of Bouldering events held here in Chattanooga in late October. The Scott Brothers, or Granola Brothers as I refer to them, are a tandem force of creative energy, who you’ll want to meet. Their products are all made here locally in their new micro-manufacturing facility. Granola is the “Official Chalk Bag Provider of @ThatOutdoorGuy”.

Next come my friends at the High Point Climbing School, who have recently been teaching me the finer details of climbing. Wills Young and Lisa Rands are the owners of High Point Climbing School, and are among the finest, most experienced climbing instructors, trainers, and coaches of all things climbing in the Southeast, and we are so excited to have them sponsor a special night. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 20th, and come out to meet them in person. If you’ve always wanted to learn to climb, you’ll want to purchase several raffle tickets to improve your chances of winning the raffle package of coaching sessions Wills and Lisa will be giving away.

If you’ve been in a Rock/Creek store lately, you’ve probably seen the great collection of #madeforadventure shirts from our next monthly sponsor, my friends and partners at Luwazo. Headed up by another team of brothers, Luwazo shirts are also produced here locally, which brings more and more value to the Chattanooga area outdoor adventure scene. Their special night is Saturday, January 24, 2015, which should be a perfect time for many of you to adventure indoors. Luwazo is the “Official Adventure Shirt Company of @ThatOutdoorGuy”. I guarantee you that I’d love to win the raffle package they’re giving away!

And, last, but certainly NOT least, are my newest friends, the outstanding staff and at The Crash Pad. Located on the ever-changing, constantly-improving Southside of Chattanooga, The Crash Pad is among the most unique, most affordable, cleanest, coolest hostels to be found anywhere on any continent, and is currently the only LEED Platinum certified hostel in the world. Their special night is Saturday, February 7th.

And there you have it, the first series of what we expect to be many, many through the years ahead. If you’d like to become a sponsor, or want more information about this exciting series, feel free to contact me at [email protected], or 423-987-9628.

Teton Sports and The O.A.T. – Sat. Oct. 18th

Granola – Sat. November 8th

High Point Climbing School – Sat. Dec. 20th

Luwazo – Sat. January 24th, 2015

The Crash Pad – Sat. February 7th


High Point Climbing School: World Class Training at a World Class Facility

If you’ve ever considered learning the ropes—pun intended—about all things climbing, you’ll be excited to know that the High Point Climbing School provides instruction for every level, from beginners to professional climbers, with their specialty being elite-level coaching.

Let me introduce you to the highly skilled experts who own and run the program, husband and wife team, Wills Young and Lisa Rands.
Wills, born in California to British parents, began climbing over 35 years ago in England, after first being introduced to the sport by some of his high school teachers. He was immediately hooked, and his interest grew along with his participation. While attending the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, Wills expanded his climbing horizons to the more adventurous routes in the mountains of Scotland.

After college, Wills moved to Southern California and started developing new bouldering areas, quickly becoming one of the pioneers of the bouldering explosion in SoCal. At the same time, he began writing for several rock climbing magazines as a freelance writer, sharing his personal excitement about climbing in general, and also from the perspective of being a central figure in the bouldering movement. It was this enthusiasm, and notoriety that lead to a move to Colorado as Senior Associate Editor at Climbing magazine (then, in the early days of the internet, a very profitable magazine and every climbers’ go-to source for news and info).

During his time in SoCal, Wills had met a very promising young climber, who would later become his wife, and co-owner of the High Point Climbing School, Lisa Rands. In less than two years of coaching under the Wills’ skilled tutelage, Lisa won the Open National Bouldering Championship, and went on to win several more professional-level international competitions.

Wills and Lisa quit their jobs in Colorado and moved back to California, where Wills devoted himself to freelance writing for the climbing industry and to fixing up their craftsman bungalow. Wills also utilized his photography skills to capture the beauty and power of climbing and bouldering, while Lisa focused on her professional climbing career. As if they weren’t busy enough, Wills wrote a comprehensive guidebook entitled, Bishop Bouldering, which became the quintessential reference to the bouldering community in California and beyond, while Lisa traveled the world as a The North Face®-sponsored athlete, training hard, competing occasionally, and teaching climbing classes.

Fast-forward 14 years, and after numerous trips to the Southeastern United States, especially the climbing mecca of Chattanooga, and having made many great friends and falling in love with the city, Wills and Lisa made the decision to start a new life and business here in the Scenic Center of the South. They partnered with a group that would become High Point Climbing and Fitness, during the planning stages. Their vision was to build a world class climbing school at what would become a world class climbing facility. After less than a year in operation, they have cemented their position in Chattanooga’s world-renowned outdoor adventure culture and community, as the premier climbing instructors and owners of the number one climbing school and service in the tri-state area.

At this point, it makes sense to direct you to the very informative climbing school info found on the High Point Climbing and Fitness website: By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will find information regarding: General Info, Intro Classes, Intermediate & Advanced, Clubs & Teams, Personal (Private) Coaching, and Guide/Specialty. As you’re looking through all the interesting options available to you, remember that elite-level coaching—from “7 to 107”, says Wills—is their specialty.

Wills can be reached directly at (760) 920-5348, or you can reach him at (423) 602-7625.

Parent’s Night Out: Chattanooga’s Best!

Have you been looking for a safe, affordable, FUN-filled place to drop off your children—ages 4-13—on a weeknight so you can have a couple of extra hours to (fill in the blank)? Well, look no further!

Every Wednesday and NOW starting in September every THURSDAY night, between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m., High Point Climbing and Fitness provides the Chattanooga area’s best Parent’s Night Out Program. Spots are available on a first come first served basis, so it is highly recommended that you phone ahead to reserve a spot for your child(ren), with a $10 deposit per child required to hold their spot.

Maybe you’ve heard of similar programs with huge staff-to-child ratios, but not at High Point, where the ratio is maintained at 5 to 6 children per staff person.

Since you’re surely wondering about pricing, let me go ahead and lay that out for you now.

1st Child is $20 for members, and $30 for non-members
2nd Child is $15 for members, and $25 for non-members
3rd Child is $10 for members, and $20 for non-members

What will your child(ren) be doing while you’re busy elsewhere? They’ll be busier than you! They’ll be taking part in professionally supervised climbing, with special one-on-one time with trained staff working on different techniques. They will be involved in active, kinesthetic team-building activities, designed to foster movement, working together, and problem-solving. AND, as soon as the new Kid Zone opens, they will be experiencing the excitement of that new addition, all 3,000 square feet of it!

What are you waiting for!? Pick up the phone and dial (423) 602-7625, or drop by High Point at your earliest convenience, and give their Parent’s Night Out program a try. Your child(ren) will thank you!

Parent’s Night Out: Chattanooga’s Best!

Growing Pains Are Good at High Point Climbing And Fitness

Growing Pains Are Good!

Whenever I see that a local business is expanding, I’m excited for them. Whatever it is they’re doing is obviously working, and working well! So imagine my delight at learning that High Point Climbing And Fitness was “knocking out a wall”!

Every time I’ve stopped by High Point, the facility has been filled with young climbers, from little bitties to elementary-aged students like my son, to middle school-aged young people. Upon learning that the main part of the current renovation involves a new area just for children, I knew that I had partnered with good people! The Kidz Zone is scheduled to open in September, and I know one blue-eyed rising 2nd Grader who can’t wait!

The new area will contain 15 new auto-belays—for a total of 35 in the entire facility—which will surely be a huge draw for those with youngsters. There will also be a bouldering area just for children, as well as a separate entrance off of Chestnut Street. The 3,000sf addition was first announced here, back in March, and included a picture of some of the exciting new child-focused obstacles that will be available. Access to the Kidz Zone will be included with all day passes and memberships at no additional charge, which further accents the very best “day pass” there is in Chattanooga!

If your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews have never climbed before, the opening of this exciting new child-focused area will be the perfect opportunity to let them try. And if yours are anything like mine, they will beg you to go back many times, which is why I went ahead and got the Family Membership—I highly recommend this.
In addition to the aforementioned exciting child-friendly updates, both the Women’s and Men’s Locker Rooms are being upgraded, from their already top-notch levels of comfort!

The Women’s Locker Room is getting new counter tops, mirrors, and lights, and both locker rooms will be getting ceramic tiled floors.

If you’ve never stopped by and checked out the locker rooms, do yourself a favor and drop in. I promise that you will be blown away, just like I was! Trying to picture the Men’s Locker Room being nicer than it already was is a task, but I’ll be excited to see it!

And remember, tell them that @ThatOutdoorGuy sent you!


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin


Coming Soon to High Point Chattanooga

Coming Soon to High Point Chattanooga