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Boulder League – Season 1

Boulder League

B O U L D E R   L E A G U E
climb together, win together

What is it?

A weekly competition series to encourage community, projecting, and goal-setting among our members and guests. We’ve built a scoring system that can benefit all skill-levels. Everyone is invited to participate!

How it works

Teams of 3

The entire team must be present to check scorecards in and out

Every Monday there will be a new boulder set

climb on the new set with your team, as many times as you like, any time between 3pm on Monday and 10pm on Friday
scorecards will not be accepted after close on Friday night
scorecards must be checked in/out on a day-by-day basis
keep your cards overnight and risk disqualification
The series lasts 6 weeks with rankings updated weekly!


Celebrate your teams progress at the end of each series with climbing, beer, and prizes! The series winner will be announced with prizes for winning team and an MVP award.