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Top 10 Reasons To Become A Member At High Point Climbing And Fitness

Become A Member

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend who has been a member of just about every fitness facility in the greater Chattanooga area, over the past ten years or so. He interrupted my explanation about why I love getting outdoors in the winter with the following question; “Why should I join High Point Climbing and Fitness?” Rather than make you, the reader, endure the 30-minute question-and-answer session that followed, I thought I’d create one of the always-popular “Top 10 Reasons…”, so here it goes!


1. Where else in the Chattanooga area can you work out, practice Yoga, get in your indoor cardio, attend a Spin Class, climb and boulder, all under one roof, and are all included in your membership? Nowhere! If you are an old school weightlifter like me, you’ll find everything you need—except a hack squat machine; however, the FreeMotion cable-assisted equipment offers more variety than I’ve ever known in workout equipment, for those of you who want to exercise differently than me. If you have, or have always wanted to develop a Yoga practice, there are now nine Yoga classes scattered throughout the week. If you enjoy running on a treadmill, or an elliptical machine, or using a spin bike when there’s not a class in session, the cardio equipment at High Point is the best in town. While I don’t take part in Spin Classes, I’ve seen them under way while I’m there lifting, and they certainly are putting in some miles, while smiling and laughing together. Last, but certainly not least, the 30,000 square feet climbing surface area is a constantly-changing workout challenge all on its own.

2. #ClimbOn If you’ve never tried indoor climbing, you can’t believe what you’re missing out on! I’m listing climbing/bouldering separately, because I believe that most of the friends I’ve made since becoming a part of High Point Climbing and Fitness climb for the fun of it, not for a workout, like I do. That probably explains why they climb so much better than me…ha ha ha. The aforementioned 30,000 square feet of surface climbing area is the third largest in the South, and is the largest downtown climbing center in the nation. Almost every route in the center—climbing and bouldering—is changed every 6-8 weeks, to provide an endless array of challenges. (Talented climbers are famous for memorizing routes, so the huge effort the staff makes to prevent that adds much to the climbing atmosphere.)

3. I had the opportunity to watch the build-out of the most amazing new addition to High Point—and all of downtown Chattanooga’s attractions, if you ask me—the Kid Zone. I doubt anyone was more excited than me to check in on the progress of this new area. From design drawings to grand opening, it was a wonder watching it unfolding. My young son was invited to be a part of trying out the colorful, fun-loving new routes, both climbing and bouldering, as well as the other mind-boggling features inside the large area, and he had a blast, and will always remember being the very first person to top out on the routes he chose.

4. Variety! Admit it, even if you love exercising, or being a part of something adventurous in an indoor setting, it gets stale. Most gyms try to minimize this by rearranging the equipment, or painting a room. I’ve known facilities that even advertised “New Shower Soap!” I don’t need to reiterate the multitude of points I’ve already made, I’m just pointing out what may not seem so obvious: You can accomplish something different if you came several times a week, and not repeat your routine. (The one constant that you will quickly recognize, and grow to appreciate, is the upscale locker room set-up. In all the places I’ve ever used a locker room, I’ve never known any facility to have upgraded, custom showers, huge lockers, custom tile floors/walls/countertops. Luxury that is just another part of your membership.)

5. There are almost as many membership options as there are workout and climbing options, with choices ranging from a 7-day Punch Pass to Annual Memberships. Members also receive discounts on classes, free clinics, 15% off purchases, 10% off parties, discounted parking options, free towel service, and one Guest Pass per month to bring a friend who has never climbed at High Point.

6. Even though you don’t have to be a member to hold a special event at High Point, being active at the facility will allow you to see the incredible variety of events held there. Birthday Parties, Church Groups, Corporate Events, Lock-ins, Wedding Parties…yes, Wedding Parties, Scout Troop Events, School Events, and Active Family Get-Togethers.

7. Need a Personal Trainer? What about a workout geared to improve your climbing skills? MAT Training? All three of these are available at High Point, and can be scheduled to fit your busy life. I know the trainers, and I know the climbing staff, and can highly recommend all of them to help you whatever your goals and aspirations. Call or stop by for more information.

8. High Point Climbing School! No other facility can match the training, accolades, and commitment to growing the sport of climbing like High Point can. With Wills Young and Lisa Rands at the helm of the Climbing School, you not only have a multiple World Champion boulderer, but you also have the coach behind the legend! Lisa has more world championships than I have space to mention here, and Wills is a legend in his own right in the bouldering world. Together, they teach, train, and lead the widest variety of climbing-related activities found anywhere. Call to set up a time to meet with them and explore the many options available to you and your family.

9. Make new friends! It is inevitable at a facility like High Point Climbing and Fitness, that you will meet lots of new people. Amongst all the new faces, you will begin to notice the regulars who are working out/practicing Yoga/Spinning/climbing/socializing at the same time you are. Friendships will be forged. Beyond that given, you will get to know the amazing staff members who go out of their way to provide you the best customer service/best climbing atmosphere/cleanest facilities anywhere!

10. Location. Location. Location! If you’re a regular to all the family-friendly events that take place year-round in Downtown Chattanooga, or would love to make them a part of your life, you’ll quickly learn that High Point Climbing and Fitness is an active part of these goings-on as any other downtown business. From local, regional, and national indoor climbing events, to Pint Nights, celebrating a wide variety of worthy causes, think of your membership as a Front Row Seat to all that’s happening in the Scenic Center of the South! (If you’re wise, and take advantage of the discounted parking options, including a $20 per month pass to the Parking Garage on The Block, you needn’t worry about where to park for all the aforementioned fun events!)


As you can see, the possibilities are endless, the reasons many, and the opportunities await you! Take my word for it, since High Point Climbing and Fitness is both “The Official Climbing Center of @ThatOutdoorGuy”, AND “The Official Gym of @ThatOutdoorGuy”!