High Point Climbing And Fitness is one of the nation’s most unique climbing facilities with 30,000 square feet of climbing inside and outside. In the April 2015 issue of Climbing Magazine High Point was called, “the country’s coolest gym”.

The outdoor climbing walls feature climbing on transparent climbing material that is like nothing else. There are lead, top rope, and auto-belay walls, as well as two 15 meter speed climbing walls. Climb while enjoying wonderful Chattanooga right over Broad Street!

Inside, there are climbing areas for everyone. From beginner auto-belay walls to our top roping room, lead climbing pit, and two bouldering areas. The Kid Zone is built for kids, fun for everyone. For the more experienced, there is even a training area featuring a campus, moon, and adjustable wall.

High Point offers diverse cross-training. There are aerobic, weight, and yoga rooms. Each week there are 13 yoga and 2 spin classes included in any Day Pass or Membership.

Sign up for a class with USA Climbing certified coach, Pablo Hilewski to take your skills to the next level. Want to climb on real rock? Let our AMGA certified guides take you on a guided rock climbing trip outside.

Come have fun and get fit at High Point!





  • SUNDAY              10AM – 8 PM
  • MONDAY             10AM – 10 PM
  • TUESDAY            10AM – 10 PM
  • WEDNESDAY     10AM – 10 PM
  • THURSDAY        10AM – 10 PM
  • FRIDAY                10AM – 10 PM
  • SATURDAY         10AM – 10 PM



  • Thanksgiving CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve 10 AM – 4 PM
  • Christmas Day CLOSED
  • DEC. 31ST 10 AM – 6 PM
  • JAN. 1ST 12PM – 10PM


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  • Re-opening Update

    Hello High Point Family, We are happy to announce that we are re-opening our doors to the public! As we welcome you all back to the gym, we will continue to do our best to make both the Downtown and Riverside facilities as clean and safe as possible. We will continue to operate with the protocols […]

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  • Re-opening!

    Dear High Point Community, As we prepare to re-open our facilities, we are doing so with diligence and an abundance of caution. In order to avoid any unnecessary risks to the health of our guests or staff, the first phase of this re-opening will include certain procedures and limitations. On May 17th, High Point facilities […]

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  • COVID-19 FAQ For High Point Members

    Is my membership frozen? 
Yes, all memberships are frozen as of Wednesday March 18th. The freeze will continue until we are able to re-open. You will not be charged for the freeze. I paid for March but you closed for two weeks. Will I get a credit?
 No one will lose any time on their […]

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  • Boulder League – Season 1

    B O U L D E R   L E A G U E climb together, win together What is it? A weekly competition series to encourage community, projecting, and goal-setting among our members and guests. We’ve built a scoring system that can benefit all skill-levels. Everyone is invited to participate! How it works Teams of […]

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  • Global Climbing Day 2019

    Join us for Global Climbing Day on August 24th! We’ve teamed up with The North Face and climbing gyms across the globe to celebrate inclusivity and community through climbing. Since 1966, The North Face has viewed walls not as obstacles, but as opportunities. From the big walls of Yosemite to the high peaks of the […]

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  • Warrior’s Way Falling & Commitment Clinic

    Back by popular demand, join us on April 22nd for The Warrior’s Way Clinic with author and trainer Arno Ilgner! This clinic addresses fear of falling and improving commitment. We’ll do falling, movement, and resting exercises and apply all learned skills to a challenging route. We’ll do this in small increments creating appropriate progressions for […]

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  • New Year’s Membership Sale

    Get a strong start to the new year. With our New Year’s Membership Sale you can get $0.00 start up fee on all EFT memberships for the month of January. It’s the best way to begin a year of healthy habits and a stronger body. Set yourself up for the best New Year’s Resolution ever. […]

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  • BouldeRave IX

    B-B-B-BouldeRaaaaaaaaave!!! *insert multiple airhorns* Join us on December 7th at High Point Riverside as the good times keep rolling for BouldeRave’s 9th year of glow in the dark goodness! Come join us as we flood High Point Riverside with black lights and crank up the tunes for this rad event! BouldeRave IX has the honor […]

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  • Southern Grit Bouldering Series – Round 1

    Round 1 of the Southern Grit Bouldering Series is at High Point Climbing and Fitness Riverside! This series is a three stop competition bouldering series. Our first two stops are in Chattanooga with our final comp at Birmingham. Top 3 Men and Women in the Open Category at Round 1 and 2 will get a […]

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  • Southern Grit Bouldering Series

    Introducing he Southern Grit Series at High Point Climbing and Fitness! For the last two years, the Southern Grit was part of USA Climbing’s National Cup Series. This year High Point is raising the bar. We are creating… wait for it… THE SOUTHERN GRIT BOULDERING SERIES! This series is a three stop competition bouldering series. […]

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  • Homeschool Days

    The next Homeschool Day is back on November 16th!!! Get stoked for your favorite fun filled day at High Point Climbing and Fitness! Bring your kiddos for a day of climbing at the coolest gym in the nation. 10am – 4pm, Day Passes are 50% off! There’s no better time to come in for an adventure […]

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  • Ladies Night – Top Rope Class

    Ladies Night at High Point Downtown! August 30th! This time around we will be offering a FREE Top-Rope belay class! If you’re new to climbing and looking to learn the ropes, this night is for you! If you’re a veteran climber, this night is also for you. Because of course… there will be free pizza. […]

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  • Member Meet Up

    MEMBERS!!! We’re very excited to invite all High Point members to another edition of Member Meet Up on Thursday, August 23rd, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm! What can you expect from Member Meet Up? This time we’re hosting an endurance competition! The name of the game is DISTANCE. Whoever can climb the most mileage wins! […]

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  • Global Climbing Day

    Join us to celebrate the walls that unite us, not divide us. 4:00 – 7:00 : CLIMBING 7:00 – 10:00 : PARTY Climbing is about community. Whether you’re climbing routes with a partner or bouldering with a crash pad party, climbing has the power to bring people TOGETHER. In celebration of Global Climbing Day we […]

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  • High Point Massage

    We all battle stress and tension. It might come from long hours spent sitting at your desk. It might come from an intense session of crushing routes in the gym. If you find yourself in need of some stress relief, High Point Climbing and Fitness now has a massage studio! Our in-house massage therapist Wesley Walker […]

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