Mary Lou Davis

26 & 2 Asana Yoga

Mary Lou

Mary Lou started climbing in the early 1980’s.  After years of crazy sports like racing motorcycles and mountain bikes, climbing and kayaking, her back was “wrecked”. She began practicing yoga about six years ago to try and rehab her injuries. After just a few months she saw dramatic improvement. She became certified to teach “26 and 2” asana hot yoga and also hot Pilates. If you come to her class you can expect not only to work hard, but also work every muscle, tendon, ligament and your internal organs. The type of yoga she teaches will help your back and knees as well open your hips and your shoulders. It is a strengthening and stretching yoga that not only improves your balance, but will also help your climbing.

Stephanie O’Callaghan

Slow Flow + Weekend Warrior Yoga

In Slow Flow, we dive deep into flexibility, elasticity, and plasticity. From slow paced full body stretches of the fascial lines to work on the plasticity and mobility of the joints, this class will open and expand the body in a restorative flowing format. Some yin, restorative, and Yoga Nidra (yogic-sleep) will also be explored. All classes will be unique, yet familiar, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your next project!


In Weekend Warrior, we energize and strengthen the body using the breath to bring us a deeper sense of flexibility, mobility, and body control. Throughout this 60 min flow format, we will build heat throughout the body and focus the mind. The class will be accessible to all levels and abilities as we work on both upper and lower body balance and strength. All classes will be unique, yet familiar. All are welcome to this fun and invigorating flow!

Heidi Goff

26 & 2 Asana Yoga

Yoga at High Point Climbing and Fitness Birmingham

Heidi Goff’s passion for the 26 & 2 Asana Yoga lead her to teach and show others the path that has changed her life spiritually, mentally and physically. The sequence is an integral part of her spiritual journey, as well as her mental and physical well-being. The 26 & 2 asana yoga is a set routine that is predictable for those that like consistency. The benefits include stimulating the whole endocrine system, strengthening the heart, opening all the joints and hips, lateral flexion of the spine, tremendous leg stretches, traction of the spine, flexion of the knees, and backward bending which is the most healing motion for your spine.  In addition to, massaging the internal organs compressing and releasing for maximum oxygenated blood flow through the body to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to a healthy working order, just as nature intended. This is a moving meditation with intention of following your breath with focus, concentration, and calming the brain and relieving stress. Get your mental and physical game strong and centered, then test out your new found limber self on some climbs – all before rush hour hits.

Pamela York

26 & 2 Asana Yoga

Pamela teaches the 26 and 2 series. A class for every body, it is a set series of postures and breathing exercises. It will challenge your strength, determination, and concentration. Her hope is to share yoga with the everyday person (those working 9-5 days or shift work, busy parents, stressed executives, those trying to make ends meet), to create a welcoming space for them to embark on their own journey.