• Member Meetup | 2nd Annual Endurance Comp

    June 5, 2018   |   By: High Point Climbing

    Endurance Comp at High Point Birmingham

    June 28 • 6:30pm

    Come out and climb as high as you can for our second annual endurance challenge! Awards accompanied by free fermented beverages from Good People Brewing Co. and Marco’s Pizza for $1/slice.

    Comp Schedule
    – Challenge rules: 6:30
    – Challenge climbing begins: 6:45
    – Challenge climbing ends: 8:15
    – Awards, brews & ‘za: 8:30

    – Beginner: 5.6-5.8
    – Intermediate: 5.9-5.10
    – Advanced: 5.11-5.12

    – Teams of 2, scored as a team
    – You can only climb within your category, teammates must compete in the same category
    – Routes outside your category will not be counted
    – Unfinished routes will not be counted
    – Completed routes will only be counted once
    – If you’re working on routes in the lower end of a category, you will compete in the previous category (Ex: if you’re projecting 5.11 you will compete in intermediate, if you’re projecting 5.12 you will compete in advanced)
    – Scores determined by height achieved based on completed routes
    – Ties will be broken by number of attempts, then route difficulty

    Free for members